PepsiCo is the first Russian/CIS and the second worldwide food and beverage company. During seven years of service, we've successfully implemented more than 900 projects.
Bonduelle is a French producer of canned and frozen vegetables. It is the category leader in Russia. For eight years of service, we've successfully implemented more than 300 joint projects.
Tele2 is a Swedish discounter, which is the fourth mobile network operator in Russia. Since 2014, the Russian telecommunication operator Rostelecom owns Tele2 Russia. During three years of partnership, we've implemented more than 150 joint projects. We've also came into the second year of the contract for monthly service.
Ferrero is an Italian manufacturer of chocolate and other confectionery products. Ferrero products are category leaders in Russia. For two years of service, we've implemented more than 50 joint projects.
Schwarzkopf & Henkel – is a German chemical company operating in three axes: detergents, cosmetics and personal hygiene products, bonding technology. For three years of partnership, we’ve implemented more than 600 projects.
SVEZA is a Russian company, which is a world leader in the plywood market and enters the SeverstalGrupp company. For three years of service, we’ve implemented more than 100 successful projects.
Roskosmos is a Russian corporation that manages the country's space industry, carries out functions to ensure the realization of the state policy and legal regulation, as well as the provision of state services, and manages state property in the sphere of space activity. The first year of cooperation.