CLIENT: Tele2.
CHALLENGE: Eliminating the image of Tele2 as an operator “for students and working class”, which prevents an advanced audience from using it. Creating the perception of Tele2 as an operator, supporting the lifestyle of its customers (Lifestyle Enabler).
SOLUTION: We've developed two promotional websites (the one for Moscow region, and the other one for the rest of Russia). We've designed and paginated creative e-mail mailout (more than 100 templates); purchased the prize pool. Unique promotional offers of our partners were delivering to multiple participants on a daily basis. We've also designed, produced and placed pre-rolls on vlog channels. Opinion leaders (6 bloggers) released special issues on their channels. We've created and placed native postings in VK and FB news feed; organized logistics and awarded winners.

More than 40 thousand participants have been registered on the site. More than 4 thousand participants have taken part in our creative competition. More than 1 million promotional codes were issued. In the period from October5th to December 5th more than 50 business partners were attracted.