CLIENT: Tele2.
CHALLENGE: Organizing the largest annual event for opinion leaders.
SOLUTION: We've proposed a concept “Tele2 Live Connection” zone. To create their postings, vloggers were offered to use some means of communication, analogues of their common devices – some of them are now almost out of use. The postings were placed on the analogue walls of social networks on the territory of NeForum. Each Tele2 stand was an offline embodiment of Livejournal, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and YouTube interfaces. Friendly animators coordinated guests in every zone, explained and demonstrated them the essence of the activities. They also gave them stickers for participating. On the main Tele2 site (Facebook on the football field) those guests who collected 2 or more stickers got a gift. In addition, the football field had a Tele2 lounge area with refreshing lemonade, puffs, frisbees and a stand for charging gadgets. The zone was marked with a large hashtag #Tele2Russia. An animator in panda costume was strolling throughout Tele2 zones, and attracting participants to take a photo with him. The day after the event we've got more than 1,200 publications with Tele2 Russia hashtag.